Monthly Archives: December 2009

Magic Cookie Bars

I should not be eating these right now. I should not be eating these right now. I should not be eating these right now. But they’re so good I can’t help myself. Totally overindulged the past few days. The holidays …
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Christmas Cookies Galore!

Finally, the Christmas cookie post! And let me tell you, this literally took me ALL day. Not that I’m complaining, it was well worth it. I baked cookies with my mom every Christmas when I was younger, and it’s something …
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Christmas Cookie Extravaganza

Warning: Sunday is massive-Christmas-cookie-baking day. Be prepared!


Ok, I know I usually only bake on Fridays, but today is snowy, I’m wrapping Christmas presents, and the mood just struck. Since it’s so close to the holidays, I decided on Snickerdoodles, a perennial Christmas favorite. No, they have …
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Pumpkin Cookies with Brown Sugar Icing

It’s the beginning of December and I’ve already gone through 3 super-sized cans of pumpkin puree this season…shocker. And there are still 3 weeks of acceptable pumpkin baking left! While the pumpkin cupcakes are pretty damn awesome in their own …
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